Why you should always go to professionals for jewelry repair in San Diego

You cannot escape the need for occasional repairs when you wear your most loved jewelry every day. In precious metals, erosion and fatigue are unavoidable. You should take care, clean and store your jewelry properly to keep it in the best possible condition. However, sometimes repairs will be necessary to restore it to factory specs. When the time comes to get your jewelry repaired, whether due to an unexpected breakage or natural decline, you’ll need to find someone to revive or mend it. When you spend money on fine jewelry, you should only trust an accomplished and qualified jeweler for even the seemingly simplest of repairs.

The entry-level quality of your former jewelry repair in San Diego may not immediately be evident. When your jewelry is repaired by an unqualified technician, they may cause structural damage that may go unnoticed until your jewelry breaks again. However, some evidence of an ill-trained technician is apparent to the naked eye.

Tools marks

When a professional repair technician works with your jewelry, his techniques and tools will be faithfully cared for and selected specifically for the repair that your item requires. A professional with low experience may use tools that are of lower quality or are too hard for your metal. Every handmade jewelry will display evidence of its unique artistry. However, it should not show evidence of its repairs.

Visible seams

If your gold jewelry has to be soldered or cut, a professional veteran will not leave any visible seams behind. Over-polishing, not enough solder, rushed repairs, and other issues may all be to blame for visible seams in a gold ring. This is not just unsightly, but it weakens your ring, making it susceptible to breaking. The durability of platinum is greater than gold, which makes it more challenging to work with. In platinum, seams are accepted more commonly, though there are seamless solders available for platinum that may be an alternative for certain repairs.

Damaged gemstones and diamonds

Precision is key in jewelry repairs. If your prongs are not tight enough, your stone will be in danger of falling out. If the prongs are too tight, they can damage your stone. If an unexperienced jeweler tightened your prongs too much, it may result in chipped or cracked gemstones or a crooked and uneven stone setting.



Different width

When your ring is being sized or resized, the shank is cut. In most cases, metal will be added when sizing up a ring to keep the integrity of the ring and the width around the band consistent. If additional metal is not used to keep the width consistent, you may notice that the shank of the ring is thinner than the rest. In a resized ring, always beware of this.

How to avoid bad repairs?

While it may be tempting to demand the technician who previously did the inferior repair work to repair the piece again at no additional cost, it may not be the best option. While they may even agree to it, but do you really want them to repair your piece again? Remember, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Don’t get fooled again. The proof of low-quality repairs on your jewelry is a reflection of the individual who completed them. Returning your piece to unexperienced hands is a recipe for catastrophe.

At Express Pawn, we recommend bringing your jewelry to a qualified jewelry repair service in San Diego, like us. We inspect and professionally fix the issue. Our experienced and certified jeweler is qualified to restore just about every item and may mitigate the damage left by the shortcuts of substandard repairs.

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  1. Just last Friday in the afternoon, my wife told me about how she noticed that the diamond in our engagement ring is loose. Now, we are both looking to hire diamond ring repair services to fix this. This led me to your brilliant post here which has provided me with some valuable information. I find it interesting how you mentioned that if an unexperienced jeweler tightened your prongs too much, it may result in chipped or cracked gemstones or a crooked and uneven stone setting. A great point indeed, one I’m sure those looking to hire these services like my wife and I will be glad to be mindful of. Thank you! I’ll pass this on to my wife in a bit!

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