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Everything you need to know about buying jewelry from a pawn shop in San Diego

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Everything you need to know about buying jewelry from a pawn shop in San Diego
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Purchasing jewelry at a pawn shop may be nothing less than a scavenger hunt. Just like shopping at any thrift-type or second-hand store, you never know what you might find due to the ever-changing inventory.

If love the history behind a piece of vintage jewelry, really want something unique, and enjoy the thrill of a treasure hunt, purchasing jewelry at a pawn shop could be super fun and beneficial for you.

Before you begin looking at the jewelry in a pawn shop, read the following tips which, Express Pawn – one of the leading jewelry pawn shops in San Diego, has to offer.

How to purchase pawn shop jewelry

  • Research: Research, research, and research. Google all the pawn shops in your radar and read every review you can find. Ask your friends/family. View the pawn shops that specialize in jewelry and give them preference. Do enough research that you feel confident walking into the store, not wondering if they’re going to dodge you. Additionally, learn as much as you can regarding jewelry. Equip yourself with jewelry knowledge so you already know how what the market price for gold currently is, and what a quality diamond looks like (or save yourself some trouble and just bring along a knowledgeable friend).
  • Think outside the box: Maybe you are searching for a ring. This does not mean that you should rule out necklaces. You may be able to find the perfect stone set inside an old pendant, have it reset into your dream ring by our experienced jeweler. With jewelry, be less concerned with the aesthetic, and more with the quality. Something may not be according to your taste or may appear outdated, but if high-quality gems are used in its creation and it’s a bargain price, you may be left with enough money to have our jeweler recreate something custom to fit your needs and likes.
  • Ask for credentials: How can you ensure that the quality of your pawn shop jewelry is good? Ask for certifications. They should have documentation that verifies and backs up their work.

If you go in confident and prepared, purchasing jewelry at a pawn shop may be very successful – and a lot of fun. If you come across something great, we’d love to hear about it.

If you are looking for jewelry pawn shops in San Diego, do not look further than Express Pawn. Call or contact us now if you have any questions.


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