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*By providing a telephone number and/or an e-mail address above, Customer (identified aboveand defined below) consents that Nigal INC. (identified above and defined below), may send customer text and/or email messages relating to usage of the P.O. Box services (identifiedabove and defined below). Customers assume any all charges from their mobile serviceprovider that result from texts and/or e-mails.
Terms and Conditions1.Key deposit is $15 any subsequent key is $5 each. At the end of the P.O. Boxservice when keys are returned to us the deposit will be returned to thecustomer.2.There is a $10 fee per person for the term of the contract, per person added tothe Mailbox. Regular size is two free and can add up to two more for a total offour people. Large size is three free people and two more for a total of five.3.Grace period: Customers will be given 14 calendar days period after the contractends to either renew or pick up any leftover mail and/or packages. Unclaimedpackages will be destroyed in accordance with any and all local, state, andfederal regulations.4.Customers agree to not use the premises, mailbox, or any other servicesprovided for any unlawful, illegitimate, fraudulent, and/or any purpose prohibitedby U.S. postal regulation. The customer further agrees that any use of themailbox shall be in conformity with this agreement and all applicable federal,state, and local laws. Each individual or entity must complete a separate UnitedStates Postal Service ® Form 1583 to be authorized to receive mail and/orpackages at mailbox (number listed above) 5.Pricing: Regular, with 2 customers included, 4 max. 3 months for $24 USD, 6 months for $34 USD, 12 months for $54 USD. Large, with 3 customers included, 5 max. 3 months for $34 USD, 6 months for $44 USD, 12 months for $64 USD. 6.The terms of this Agreement begin at the time of initial payment or renewalpayment. Renewal Agreement terms shall be at sole discretion of Nigal INC.7.Customer agrees that Nigal INC may terminate this Agreement for good cause atany time by providing the Customer with written notice. Good cause shall includebut is not limited to: Customer abandons mailbox, Customer uses Mailbox forunlawful, illegitimate, or fraudulent purposes, Customer fails to make payment onthe Mailbox, Customer receives more mail than the mailbox can safely holdand/or more than 5 packages a week, Customer engages in offensive abusivedisruptive behavior on premise, Customer violates any provision of thisagreement. Customer acknowledges that for the purpose of determining thecause of termination of this agreement as provided herein, the actions of anyperson authorized by Customer to use Mailbox will be attributed to Customer.8.As Customers authorized agents to receive mail, Nigal INC will accept all mailincluding, registered, insured and certified items. If Form 1583 is completed andon file, restricted mail (i.e.,mail where the sender has paid a fee to direct deliveryonly to an individual addressee or addressee authorized agent). Unless priorarrangements have been made, Nigal INC shall only be obligated to accept mailand/or packages delivered by commercial carrier services, which require asignature from Nigal INC as a condition of delivery. Customers must accept andsign for all mail and/or packages upon request of Nigal INC. Packages not pickedup within 2 calendar days of notification from carrier will be subject to a storagefee listed in the chart below, per day per package up to a maximum of 10calendar days, payment is to be due before picking up mail and/or packagesafter which the package will be returned to sender at the Customers expense. Less than 1 cubic foot $2 per day. Between 1-2 cubic feet $4 per day. Greater than 2 cubic feet $6 per day. IE. A package arrives on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are free, StartingThursday fees will be charged​.​ If Nigal INC is unable to return the mail and/orpackage to the sender for any reason including but limited to the ability to identifythe sender and/or return address, the Customer authorizes Nigal INC to destroythe package in accordance with state and federal laws. C.O.D. items will ONLYbe accepted if prior arrangements have been made and payment is provided inadvance to Nigal INC. In states where Nigal INC is required by law to act asCustomer’s agent for service of process, Customer hereby Authorizes Nigal INCto act as Customer’s agent for service of process, and this authorization shallremain in effect for the length of the contract or as long as required by state law,whichever is later. Nigal INC agrees to follow its standard procedures for thetimely placement of mail received at Nigal INC and address to the Customer intosaid Mailbox, and Customer hereby releases and agrees to protect, indemnify,defend, an hold Nigal INC harmless from any and all liability that may arise atany time in connection with Nigal INC’s actions or status as Customer’s agent forservice of process.9.Customers must use the exact mailing address for Mailbox without modificationas set forth in Section three (3) of Form 1583. The United States Postal Servicewill return mail without a proper address to the sender endorsed “Undeliverableas Addressed”.10.Customers are responsible for but not limited to the actions and packages of theiradditional key holders.11.Cancelation fee of $15 for early termination except if extending contract within 30days of termination date12.Upon signing this Agreement, Customer shall provide two (2) forms of validgovernment identification, one of which must include a photograph.Additional keyholders must also present a valid photo government identification. ThisAgreement may not be amended or modified.
By typing your initials here, your agree that all the information above is true and correct. And agree to our Terms and Conditions, and our Privacy Policy.

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