1.- What's the difference between pawning and selling in a pawn store?

When you sell your pieces it’s final, you have no choice of getting them back unless you buy them again if available. If you pawn them you’re leaving them as a collateral for a cash loan, and once you pay it back according to contract you can redeem them with no problem.

2.- Who can redeem my pawned items?

As per contract, only the person who made the pawn in the first place can redeem.

3.- Is there a procedure in which someone can redeem the items pawned under my name?

Yes, by means of a “limited power of attorney”. Please visit our stores to get more information.

4.- How long do I have to redeem my items?

The contract term is for 5 months, there’s a 30 day grace period after mail notification.

5.- How many times can I rewrite my pawn?

This is by our discretion, every loan is evaluated separately.

6.- If I have several items pawned, can I redeem one by one instead of all at the same time?

Yes, it's your choice, as long as it's within loan period.

7.- Can I ask less than what’s offered for my item?

Yes you can, we will accommodate your needs.

8.- What's the interest I’ll have to pay?

We’re regulated by the state of California legislated interest rates. As a promotion our company offers the lowest interest, only 2% for the first 30 days

9.- Can I make a payment thru phone or mail?

We don’t provide this service for now, but we’re working on it.

10.- Can I pay interest or principal owed with credit or debit card to redeem my items?

We only take cash or debit cards for this type of operations, we don’t accept credit cards for pawns or interest payments. We do accept credit cards for sales.

11.- Do you take broken gold pieces?

Yes, you can pawn or sell them regardless of the condition.

12.- How about condition of tools and electronics?

All tools and electronics have to be in good working condition and not very old, it’s better to go to one of our stores and check on your specific item.

13.- Do I have to be an adult to pawn or sell anything?

Have to be at least 18 years old with proper ID.

14.- What types of ID do you take?

All State and Federal government issued ID’s, passports issued by U.S. and other countries, Consulate registration, U.S. military ID’s.
*All ID’s must be current.

15.- What happens if the person who pawned the pieces or pieces dies?

Please contact our stores since every case is different.

16.- Can I redeem my pieces any day of the week?

Yes, we’re open every day, except for January 1st, Labor Day and Christmas day. For more information click here

17.- Can I pay redeems or rewrites in any of your stores?

You have to make your payment at the store where the pawn was made, but we’re working on it.

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