Gaming and Electronics

Pawnshops are the go-to place for iPhones, computers, stereos, iPads, and more. Pawnshops provide a variety of devices at unbeatable prices.

At Pawn Express, you’ll find we offer the best deals in San Diego on gaming and electronics without breaking your budget. Visit us online or in person at our 9 locations. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. 

Gaming Consoles

Pawnshops have a large selection of good-quality gaming consoles. Not only can you save money at a pawnshop when you are looking to buy a gaming console, but you may also be able to ask for a return guarantee for an agreed-on time period should the console not work. In addition to gaming consoles, Express Pawn will have games and accessories. 

If you have a gaming console or accessories you would like to sell or use as a collateral for a loan, stop buy one of our 9 locations or fill out the "Get a Quote" form below .

Gaming consoles and accessories are only a part of what you can get at a discounted price at a pawnshop. Pawnshops sell stereos, televisions, computers, iPads, iPods, and headphones. The market is competitive, and because Express Pawn is the leading electronic buyer in San Diego, we can loan the most for pawn on your electronics. We adjust our offers and keep up to date on the trends. 

Game Consoles are also a great way to get easy cash. The market is competitive, and because Express Pawn is the leading electronics buyer in San Diego we are able to loan the most for pawn on your game consoles, accessories, and games.

Collateral Loans On Electronics

The game console, flat-screen television, stereo, computer, and iPad industry is constantly changing, and new models come out frequently. If you have unused or unwanted electronic items these may be the ticket to getting a quick pawn loan and cash in hand. If you have doubts about your electronics, use the web quote button and send pictures for our experts to assist. Name brand electronics can bring a high loan value. 

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